What are Essential Oils?

Distilled from Nature

Essential oils are distilled from botanicals, plants and trees. They capture the wellness supporting power of their source, and many have such a small molecular mass, they can pass through the blood brain barrier. Essential oils can be used for emotional uplifting, supporting physical wellness and maintaining a home and life with fewer toxic chemicals!

Young Living offers an incredible selection of oil singles and a family of blends formulated for specific therapeutic purposes. As the leading company in the essential oils space, we can’t recommend them enough!

How Can I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are one of those rare products that can be infused into just about every area of your life! From diffusing aromatic blends to topical application to internal ingestion using the Young Living Vitality™ line.

Young Living essential oils also extend to lotions and shampoos, supplements, household cleaning, baby products and more! Pure essential oils sourced according to Young Living’s Seed to Seal® quality guarantee mean you’re receiving the power of nature at its finest!

The Seed to Seal Guarantee

Does quality matter when using essential oils? Definitely.

Take two carrots for example: One carrot grown on an organic farm with another sourced from depleted soils where toxic pesticides are used. Even though the carrots look identical, their benefit to the body is drastically different.

Essential oils sourced from non controlled farms will not have the quality of essential oils backed by the exclusive Seed to Seal® guarantee.

Are You Living With Toxins?

The average American home contains dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals. The good news? You can change your home, and we have FREE tips to get you started!

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