Are you thinking this is all HYPE? Well, we did too. Until…. Young Living.

We are Heather and John Brock and live in the DFW area of Texas. We LOVE our home but also LOVE to travel! All three of our children are homeschooled and enjoy sharing the oils with us. We have some animals (all out doors!) and they love their oils as well.

Before Young Living oils we had a pretty normal picture, John had a normal, full time career and Heather was a stay at home (except for music, ballet, judo, wrestling, swimming, homeschool groups, church, chiropractor, Awana, and other activities) mom, which was awesome. UNTIL we needed a huge change in our lives. Enter Young Living. After that break though in Heather we could not keep our mouths shut! And now here we are, enjoying this amazing oily lifestyle and sharing Wellness, Purpose & Abundance!

Ask us ANYTHING, we are here to share the oily love!

YL #1325148